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Masala Khichia Papad:—- Crunchy to the core, and as tongue-tickling as a snack can get! The Masala Khichia Papad is a scrumptious snack of crushed papads topped with chopped veggies, peppy chutneys and of course, crisp sev. When all these merge together in one mouthful, the experience is just too exciting. Keep all the ingredients ready but prepare this just before serving; otherwise the papad will get soggy with the juices of the vegetables and chutneys.

Preparation Time: 20 mins Cooking Time: 8 mins Makes 4 khichiya papad
• 4 khichiya papads (readily available in the market)
• 6 tsp melted butter
• 8 tbsp finely chopped cabbage
• 8 tbsp finely chopped onions
• 8 tbsp finely chopped cucumber
• 8 tbsp finely chopped tomatoes
• salt to taste
• 4 tsp green chutney
• 4 tsp garlic chutney
• 4 tbsp nylon sev
• 2 tsp lemon juice For The Garnish
• 8 tsp finely chopped coriander (dhania)

1. Roast a khichiya papad on an open medium flame till light brown spots appear on both the side
2. Allow it to cool slightly, place it on a serving plate and press in the centre it with your palm to break it into pieces.
3. Apply 1½ tsp melted butter evenly over it.
4. Sprinkle 2 tbsp of cabbage, 2 tbsp of onions, 2 tbsp of cucumber, 2 tbsp of tomatoes and a little salt evenly over it.
5. Top with 1 tsp of garlic chutney and 1 tsp of green chutney evenly over it.
6. Sprinkle 1 tbsp nylon sev and ½ tsp lemon juice evenly over it.
7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to make 3 more masala khichiya papads.
8. Serve immediately garnished with coriander.

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